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About Kandyce Meierling

Kandyce Meierling was born and raised in the culturally diverse nation of Belize and has called Florida home for the past 10 years. Kandyce began her career as a teacher and taught both in Belize and South Florida. Teaching and “guiding” young children was extremely humbling and rewarding for her. Called upon more and more by friends and family to help them in the moving process, both locally and internationally, Kandyce enjoyed being a source of information and help so much, that she decided to become a Sales Associate. Setting high expectations and the utmost commitment to clients interest are reflected from her previous career as a teacher. Starting out as a Buyer’s Agent, Kandyce soon became a smart, savvy, expert real estate advisor helping her clients to seize opportunity when it strikes by navigating the intricate Miami real estate market. After meeting her now husband Ken, the decision to leave Miami and move to Jupiter was not an easy one. Kandyce soon fell in love with the lifestyle the Palm Beaches has to offer and quickly made her presence known in Jupiter, having worked every aspect of the industry, representing sellers, buyers, investors and banks. As a professional, Kandyce is focused on constantly improving herself and staying on the cutting edge. She spends time to constantly educate herself about the current trends in the local market, ensuring her clients receive the most up-to-date information available to help them make informed decisions. With the rapid change in the assimilation of information, staying informed provides a greater advantage for her clients. Kandyce has been seen on the golf course a few times in the past, a sport she never thought she would enjoy. When she is not working, you will find her in the kitchen testing out the newest Wine and Food mag recipe’s, trying exotic cuisine, tending her garden, sketching new designs, singing or dancing away.